Sunday 2 October

5pm – 10pm @ The Nave | Tickets £10 (free with festival pass)

Church Hall

Evan Parker (GB)

A master of his own kind, Evan is one of the most influential and active saxophonists of our current times. His early influences included Paul Desmond, Eric Dolphy, and above all John Coltrane. His unique style is established by his combinations of circular breathing, tonguing, rhythm patterns, overtones and polytones making his sound instantly recognisable yet one never gets enough of listening to him.

John Butcher and Martin Brandlmayr (GB / AT)

John Butcher’s work ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked saxophone pieces and explorations with feedback and extreme acoustics. Originally a physicist, he left academia in 1982, and has since collaborated with hundreds of musicians – including Derek Bailey, Rhodri Davies and Christian Marclay. This will be the first duo performance with Martin Brandlmayr since John left Polwechsel.

Guro Skumsnes Moe (NO)

Oslo-based double bass player in the borderline between improv, noise and contemporary music. Collaborating mainly with Håvard Skaset, as well as with members of Sult, Sekstett,Truge, Art Directors and Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio. In addition to running the label, Conrad Sound, S. Moe is on the All Ears Festival board. Also performing as a duo with Skaset on Saturday.

The Nave

John Duncan (US)

From Wichita, Kansas but now based in Bologna, Italy. Long associated with the Los Angeles Free Music Society he is as concerned with performance art as with experimental audio, and his CV contains a long list of installations, films and productions since his first cassette releases emerged in LA in 1978. His multi-channel performances are a must hear and he last performed in London at the LAFMS show in 2010 and previously with [no.signal] at Barbican church.

Robert Piotrowicz (PL)

Working in contemporary electroacoustic music with modular synth and guitar, Piotrowicz is an experienced improviser, composer, an author of many solo projects and abstract sound installations. He is Musica Genera label/festival co-founder and festival curator in Poland. His sets are simply mind-blowing and intense, which we also experienced at All Ears in 2010. Prepare yourselves.

Carlos Casas (ES)

A film maker and visual artist.
His work is situated between documentary, cinema, sound and visual art. His last films premiered in film festivals worldwide and he has just completed a trilogy examining the most extreme parts of the planet from an environmental perspective. This will be his first UK performance and world premier of a new work, ‘War and Peace’.

Mario de Vega (MX)

Through site-specific interventions, actions, sound, design and sculpture, Mario’s work explores the value of dislocated information, ambiguity and the potential of unstable systems. Based between Berlin and Mexico City, his work has been exhibited in different contexts throughout Europe, Mexico, North America, Russia and Japan.