Friday 30 September

7pm – 11.30pm @ Cafe OTO | Tickets £10 (free with festival pass)


Alan Roth, Inside Out in the Open (2002)
7.45 pm

A 60-minute documentary focusing on the revolutionary developments in jazz music in the early 1960′s, expanding the boundaries in rhythm, sound, harmonics, and collective improvisation, with an expansive openness and deep emotion.

Main Space

Martin Brandlmayr (AT)
10.30 pm

Vienna based Brandlmayr is a percussionist, drummer, composer and electronic artist. He is widely recognised for his work in a variety of bands, mainly Radian, Trapist, and Autistic Daughters. Brandlmayr has collaborated with John Tilbury, Fennesz, Chad Taylor, Otomo Yoshihide and is part of the collective Polwechsel. This will be his first solo UK performance.

Rogelio Sosa (MX)
10.00 pm

His work explores a wide range of aspects that deal with sound morphology, structures of auditory reference, intensification of the acoustic space. His projects include solo and collective improvisations, music compositions and installation, with his latest work exploring the use of guitar and electronics. His new release is out on SubRosa and this will be his first UK performance.

Ida Lundén (SE)
9.30 pm

With a background in jazz music Ida Lundén started studying composition in 1996. She is a frequent keyboard player and performer in the fields of improvised music, avant pop and other experimental music. She collaborates with artists, film makers and dancers and plays regularly in the groups Ludd, saralunden and Rock out. This will be her first UK performance.

Håvard Skaset (NO)
9.00 pm

Guitarist with a wide musical range between improv, noise and contemporary music. Frequently collaborates with Guro Skumsnses Moe and with numerous European and American improvisers from Sult, Sekstett, Truge, Art Directors and Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio. Runs the label Conrad Sound with Guro Skumsnes Moe. First UK performance and also performing a duo with S.Moe on Saturday 1st October at The Nave.